COVID and Biohazard Cleaning

We provide a full range of fully managed covid, fogging and biohazard cleaning services for customers throughout the North West of England and North Wales.

As we all continue to adapt to the government’s guidance and see the exit from the pandemic progress, we can help you take the right steps as we transition back to ‘normal ‘. We all must take the right action to ensure our staff, visitors and customers are safe.

We have invested in all the latest fogging equipment to keep our client’s premises safe and give parents, pupils and staff peace of mind. It also means we can offer a highly cost-effective package so that cleaning budgets go further. That’s important as going forward, even with an effective vaccine, we expect that COVID will be with us for a long time to come.

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The Nirvana Way

The ‘fogging’ process involves a disinfectant solution using Byotrol and a QUAT-free Surface Sanitiser. Thus has been proven to kill 99.99% of pathogens, including virus, bacteria and yeast spores. This is put into a ULV fogger (Ultra Low Volume). The fogger is powered by electric and anatomises the microbial solution causing a fine mist to be created. This fills the room and disinfects and covers every surface. Whilst our cleaners work behind the fogger wiping all the surfaces down. Once all the surfaces are dried, we then test by using swabs and an ATP monitor.

The process of ATP testing is very straight-forward and easy to use and provides a rapid indicator of hygiene levels that would otherwise require lab testing. We swab the area which has just be cleaned. Place the swab inside the illuminometer and record the results. Results below 10 are acceptable and show the site has been sanitised well.

Biohazard waste includes body fluids, such as blood, urine, vomit, and faeces, which carry viruses and infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. The clean­up process must be done as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. There is a high possibility that the biohazardous fluid will seep into porous materials and areas, not visible to the untrained eye, making the clean ­up very difficult and allowing a greater risk of infection exposure. There must be timely and safe cleansing and sanitising of soiled areas to reduce cross infection risk.

We provide a range of  Biohazard Cleaning Services including:

  • Emergency vehicle cleaning
  • Deodorising
  • Extreme Cleaning
  • Infestations Clean­ups
  • Prison Cell Cleaning
  • Squat Cleaning
  • Trauma Cleaning
  • Scene of crime clean-ups
  • Needle sweeps

All our staff are fully trained and fully equipeed with  PPE, including white suits and A1P2 aspirator masks and goggles.