Lloyd Brown is the Managing Director of Nirvana and Nirvana (Franchising) Limited.

As well as supporting the franchise owners on a day to day basis, Lloyd markets the Nirvana brand, improves and updates system controls and works towards expanding the Nirvana network through networking and relationship marketing.Lloyd is Chester based and has a passion for dogs, especially pugs!


Lloyd’s aim is to grow the Nirvana brand across North Wales, North West and then throughout the UK and continue to improve standards and introduce other services that the teams can offer He is committed to supporting his franchise managers to deliver a high end cleaning and Facilities service which in turn will grow the reputation of Nirvana across its target areas


If you’ve come this far, you sure are likely to be curious as to what a franchise package with Nirvana will include – particularly what benefits and support you will receive, and more importantly what the package costs.


Why has Nirvana franchised its operations?

Having proven the business model and a growing demand for the services we provide, we have now turned our attention to expanding our geographical coverage. Corporation expansion was considered but we believe that franchising offers advantages that will allow us to deliver our service more effectively across the UK. We have tested the market and have taken professional business advice to allow us to confidently build the Nirvana franchise network whilst maintaining our excellent cleaning standards. We are looking for people who are driven to become business owners. By joining our network, franchise owners are in a unique position to use their knowledge on their local area to exploit the immense market available to them.

Long term vision and values

Our aim is to create a national network of people committed to our high standards of cleaning and facilities services. With franchise owners, we are harnessing someone else’s dedication, energy and enthusiasm and we understand that if a franchise owner performs well they deserve the returns of our shared success. As we continue to grow our network, we can look forward to benefiting from the rewards of our achievements together and for the long term.

Nirvana is committed to ethical franchising.

The Nirvana Franchise | The benefits to the franchise owner

The Nirvana business model allows franchise owners to achieve maximum profits with minimum overheads and administrative functions.

  • Clients pay monthly
  • A large exclusive territory area
  • Contracts all ready set up in some territories
  • Franchise owners manage their own team of cleaning staff

By joining our network, franchise owners also receive the following benefits:

Franchisor support

We appreciate that our franchise owner’s success will ultimately be due to their own hard work and dedication. However, we are fully committed to offering a comprehensive package of support to help their business grow and develop. As well as regular visits and operational reviews, this support will include:


Training and technical support

An initial training programme will be provided for franchise owner, covering all aspects of setting up and running a Nirvana franchise. The training will be based in Chester and will allow franchise owners to develop a thorough knowledge of the business and how things work. Key elements of the training programme are how to grow your client base, which services to provide and information on our proven marketing techniques. The franchise team will support the opening of every new Nirvana franchise operation and we provide onsite training if required. There will be ongoing regular visits to each franchised business and operational advice is available by phone or email every working day. It is our intention that franchise owners become a valued part of our team, benefiting from a strong relationship with head office.


Marketing, PR and advertising

Nirvana (Franchising) Limited will build and develop the Nirvana brand and generate public and commercial awareness. Templates and guidance will be made available to franchise owners to help them maximise their local marketing and promotion.


Management software

Dedicated management software has been developed to assist you in the administration of your Nirvana business. A computer with broadband connection and printer will be required.


Franchise manager

The dedicated franchise manager is the franchise owner’s main point of contact within the support network. The franchise manager will help with each franchise launch, training, targets and motivation. Franchise owners are not employees but a little support and assistance can make a world of difference. With close knowledge of the entire network, the franchise manager is well placed to give candid advice and promote best practice.



Not only will Nirvana franchise owners have support from the head office team, they will also be able to network with fellow franchise owners. Communication between our franchise owners will be both positive and healthy, always directed at improving the commercial performance of the business. It will allow for experiences to be exchanged so that all franchise owners are constantly benefitting from their peers.We encourage inter-branch communication through:

  • Regular visits from your franchise manager
  • Experienced franchise owners, once established, are encouraged to mentor new starters
  • Seminars
  • Training as required
  • Performance comparison
  • Regular networking meetings

The power of the franchise network Franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds, with their own individual skills, experiences and abilities. Companies on the other hand, can become set in their ways and in their thinking processes. The power of the network lies in its potential to enrich the franchise organisation so that it becomes more than the sum of its parts.

The marketplace

The UK cleaning sector is a multi-billion- pound industry which has seen phenomenal growth over recent years with further significant growth expected in the future. As the rate of growth in the sector continues on an upward curve, this is the ideal time to join our network and take advantage of the excellent business opportunity this market creates.


If you are considering any of our services or would like more information why not book a video call with us so we can establish more details of what you require.