Care Taking Services & SIte Managers

We provide Care Taking Services and Site Managers across Cheshire to both Primary and High schools.

Maybe you have a Care Taker that has gone off sick and need a replacement as soon as possible? Or your looking to oursource this position?

Using Nirvana’s Care Takers and Site Managers offers you a great benefit.


  1. You have one monthly fixed price across the year.
  2. All holidays and associated costs with employing people are dealt with by Nirvana.
  3. All HR and recruitment are dealt with us so you don’t have to spend the time, interviewing, dealing with HR issues.
  4. You will never need to worry if the member absent as we will always provide another person to cover until your permanent person returns.


From opening up your premises, doing the day to duties of a care taker to water temperature checks and fire alarm testing. Your Nirvana member of staff will be skilled to do these jobs. You can call or contact us for more information.