Now I know from our customers in the public and private sector that cleaning services are vital to them. One of the many things the pandemic has changed is our general attitude to hygiene. We all valued clean and tidy environments before COVID19, but now we value clinical levels of cleanliness. They give us real peace of mind!

So yes, cleaning services are really important, of course, but I’m going to make a bold statement!  They are not just important; they are essential!  Whatever type of business you manage, using a commercial cleaning firm is critical to the success of your business!

Our professional cleaning teams hit the highest standards.

Cleaning is often seen as a peripheral activity, and of course, if you are not a cleaning company in a ‘core business’ sense, it is! However, in my view, all organisations need to use a commercial cleaning services company and here are five reasons why:

  1. It says a lot about your brand and will help you grow

Whatever sector you are in, having a clean workplace creates a professional and proactive feel for your business. Your customer’s suppliers and your employees will walk through your door will see a pristine working environment where everything looks tidy, well cared for and smells fresh.

People and businesses will want to work with you as they will see that you take care of what you have, and so you will take care of them if you do business with them. A clean showroom, office, factory school or workshop says a lot about your ‘Brand’.

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  1. Increased employee safety and less sickness absence

The core of a successful business is your people, and healthy employees are essential. A clean working environment is the best way to make sure that your employees are healthy and productive.

Regular professional cleaning carried out by a cleaning services company creates a hygienic workplace with low bacterial and viral contamination levels. This minimises the risk to the well-being of your employees.

Keeping your premises clean, you also help make sure that your people will take fewer sick days as a clean environment makes infections harder to spread.

Since COVID 19, we value clinical cleanliness levels, which is essential for employee peace of mind.

  1. It boosts employee morale !!

Surveys show most people tend to respond more positively to a clean environment. In cleaner, tidier workplaces, employees are more motivated, and morale is higher

  1. It improves productivity

A clean, hygienic environment gives a professional feel to your business; this enables you to attract higher-skilled and better-motivated staff as a desirable place to work.  This helps drive sales, customer service and improves productivity.

  1.    It gives you a better long term return on your buildings and equipment

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to keep your workspaces and equipment clean, hygienic and tidy saves you time and money in the long run. Contracting out cleaning services means employees don’t have to do it, and you can use the time devoted to focusing on other areas of your business.

Clean and hygienic workspaces and equipment are easier to maintain and have a longer lifespan, so they give you a better return on capital investment as well

Commercial Cleaning Services

Clean and Hygienic Working Environments

What we do

At Nirvana, we have provided high-quality cleaning services in Cheshire, Manchester and North Wales to private and public sector clients for ten years.

We provide the best commercial cleaning services client experience in the area. From the moment you raise an initial enquiry to the moment we leave your premises after cleaning you get the highest quality service.

We offer 24-hour, 365-day cover, with our experienced cleaning operatives backed up by a fully qualified and professional management support team. We also carry out monthly quality checks in line with our accreditation to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards. All site risk assessments and method statements are completed before we start work with you.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

-daily cleaning

-upholstery cleaning

-carpet cleaning, including steam cleaning,

-hard floor cleaning and floor polishing.

-window cleaning ( internal and external )

-decontamination and deep cleaning (including Coronavirus decontamination).

-deep periodical cleans

-daytime cleaning

-out-of-hours cleaning

-bespoke factory and workshop cleaning

To find out how we can be part of your businesses success, and if you need an in-depth conversation about our services, please get in touch. Even if you’d like an informal chat or some advice, GET in TOUCH HERE.


Lloyd Brown – Managing Director

Nirvana Managed Services Ltd