The last 18 months has been a very tough time for the Education Sector. School Cleaning and COVID 19 Fogging decontamination have kept us very busy. Whilst there are always winners, and losers in these situations, our clients in the education sector have struggled to keep their heads above water.

School Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services

Budgets have been tight for many in the education sector for several years; the pandemic has only increased pressures for Schools and Colleges in the North West of England and North Wales as they have needed to carry COVID 19 Fogging decontamination. At Nirvana, our School Cleaning Service offers schools all the benefits of an outsourced service with non of the downsides.

With the current School year nearly over and the next one nearly upon us, I thought it was a good time to reflect on what we have learnt and give you five reasons why our approach to School Cleaning is the best way to start the new School Year:

  1. We provide complete coverage even when your cleaner goes off sick. All our services are provided on a retainer basis with the standards set out in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). As each SLA is bespoke, we agree on it with the School and include agreed standards and targets at the contract’s commencement.
  2. We are not an agency, we value our staff and their development, and we know how vital retaining our staff as long term team members are. We don’t like zero-hours contracts, so all staff are directly employed and contracted for a set number of hours, we pay more than the minimum wage, and we provide paid holiday. If you want as an added feature at extra cost, we can add a workplace pension.
  3. Our cleaners are DBS and reference checked. We provide a comprehensive training package before they start on site.
  4. We keep down admin costs by sending all our invoices digitally. All our quality checks and report documents are available in a customer portal accessed via a secure login.
  5. We work hard on developing our people on-site to retain them and improve their skills. We find that’s the best way to provide outstanding service and reduce the number of contractors needed to provide the service to a high standard. That means we can pass on a share of the cost savings too.

We aim to give our Schools peace of mind that a reliable, robust management system keeps them safe and secure and saves the hassle, time, and money.

Our School Cleaning Service :

  • Saves time and money for schools on the recruitment and management of staff
  • Is fully managed by one of our very experienced facilities managers
  • Has remote monitoring through our management systems with a customer login to keep track of all day to day activity and access management performance management information.
  • Provides continuos 24/7 cover
  • Delivers our service to an agreed SLA and KPI’s, ensuring each on-site team members meet your needs all the time.
  • Saves between 30% to 40% of employment costs. We pay, PAYE and Holiday Pay. Pension costs are additional

So how much does this all cost? 

Our prices vary, but our packages start from £250.00 + VAT per week; the pricing is specific to each school and its needs.

If you want to have a more in-depth conversation about our School Cleaning Service, please contact us HERE, or if you want an informal chat get in touch HERE