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Public Toilet Cleaning

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Public Toilet Cleaning Services


Washroom cleaning services in general can be a problematic task. Having an experienced company to deal makes all the difference and with cleanliness of that site in the public eye 7 days a week it is paramount that areas are kept clean all the time. We clean all of Chester and Cheshire West Councils toilets in the borough so we are highly experienced carrying out this work. Gone are the days of manned toilets (unless you charge on entry, which you tend to see more of in London).


Pre-covid 19 our public toilet cleaning services cleaned on a 4 hourly basis. Good deep cleaning is key to keeping these facilities smelling fresh. I don’t personally believe in using urinal blocks. They do exactly as it says on the tub, they block the urinals. Having experienced it first hand on busy Christmas time days and opening toilets which are full of water is not the greatest experience at 6 am.


To prevent smelly toilets you can have air misters which spray every hour a scent into the air but I believe this is masking a problem. A problem that can be sorted out with good cleaning standards. Urinals are the causes of most smells and nappy bins. Keeping bins emptied regularly and urinals clean can normally keep on top of potential odours. We have some very old toilets down by the river in Chester, the building is listed as are the urinals. They take a lot of work to keep clean, scrubbing them off every other day in the summer period with a de-scaler is necessary to keep on top of the formulating body salts and the odour at bay.


Sanitising of washrooms and public toilets in our current climate is key, we use microbial cleaners which carry on killing on surfaces long after the cleaners have been. To confirm microbe amounts on surfaces we also use an ATP monitor during our quality checks. A pretty smart bit of kit which can be setup on a system so identifies areas and sends out reports to cleaners and customers once the machine is plugged into a laptop. This allows us to focus on areas which need extra cleaning.


We offer various services to our clients around washroom supplies. Our current contract requires us to predominantly maintain the washroom services. We supply toilet paper, blue roll, hand gel, hand soap and our cleaners are responsible for all this within their job roles keeping everything stocked up as it should.


Reporting damages is done easily by an online form by our workforce which loads into our main system and creates a ticket so we are able to keep track of all damages, notify the council notified on resolution times etc.


We do make our pricing transparent on our website, for public toilets it’s a bit different. Give us a call for any information that you need, we’ll be happy to assist whether you want to go ahead or not.


If you are considering any of our services or would like more information why not book a video call with our Managing Director so we can establish more details of what you require.