After struggling to recruit cleaning staff for months and with people handing in their notice almost constantly, Turton School Business Manager Leonie Hathaway found herself in an increasingly desperate situation maintaining cleaning staff levels. It was starting to put tremendous strain on the Bolton-based School, and after searching the internet, Leonie could not find anyone that offered this service. Luckily we made contact at just the right time.

We provided Leonie with a quick service and increased the staffing levels to the numbers they needed within two weeks.

We asked Leonie for some feedback on the service.


What was your staffing position before finding Nirvana? What challenges/problems necessitated a change?

‘Before the pandemic, we had a full cleaning team. Following on from this, staff have left for various reasons. Due to the current recruitment crisis nationwide, we have struggled to recruit for positions on our usual platforms. In addition, we had a few team members go off on long-term sick, which reduced the team significantly, causing an issue with cleaning the premises.’

Is handling it in-house is the most cost-effective and efficient option?

When did you start using us for School Cleaning Agency Services?

‘In January 2023’

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How did you find the process of using Nirvana?

‘It was straightforward; Lloyd was very communicative and explained everything happening. We needed cleaners as soon as possible, so the team were straight onto it & we managed to start getting a team together by the end of a couple of weeks.’

What do you like the most about our School Cleaning Agency Service?

‘The quick turnaround of getting agency cleaners on board. The team at Nirvana are friendly & responsive & understands our frustrations. They try their best to accommodate our needs. They try & to give the best value for money and understand schools are on a tight budget.’

Did we go above and beyond with our service?

‘You do have to buy into a min of 12-week contracts per person, but because we need so many staff, this was going to be very costly for us and they did a good deal for us. They’re not just about the money; they care about the situation too.’

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How has using the service benefited your school?

‘We’ve managed to get the school cleaning up and running & can see a difference. The agency workers coming through are mostly all friendly and are hard workers with good work ethics. It is also a good platform for finding your cleaners but of course you do have to pay Nirvana a fee for this.’

Would you recommend us to other Schools looking for cleaning recruitment Services?

‘Yes, most definitely, I’m pleased to do that.’

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