The cleaning industry in the United Kingdom has been facing staff shortages since the onset of the pandemic. While most industries have already resumed and operating at optimal levels, the cleaning industry is yet to overcome the impacts of the pandemic.
Causes of Cleaning Staff Shortages

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The predominant factor for the cleaning staff shortages is the exodus of foreign nationals. With the UK cleaning industry being highly reliant on foreign talent, it experienced major losses as many immigrants left the country during and post-COVID. The shortfall has further been exacerbated by workers returning to their home countries while others chose to work in alternate industries like hospitality and truck driving. During the same period, changes to immigration rules following Brexit have made it difficult for cleaning companies to access overseas workers.

Remedy to the Staffing Shortage Problem

Staff shortages in the cleaning industry in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester have forced companies to turn down businesses. Sometimes, businesses cancel or reschedule customer books due to increased service demand. Although the issue is more economical than the organizational level, companies can take specific steps to reduce the impacts. They include hiring temporary employees through cleaning agencies, training current employees, offering more work hours, hiring unqualified people and training them, and revamping the hiring and onboarding process.

Being short-staffed can be a crisis for any business. However, this does not mean the end of business or not being able to meet the needs of the customers. Managers must consider long-term and short-term solutions as the cleaning industry navigates the staff shortage issue. Nirvana is now helping more schools and commercial clients to staff on a permanent or temporary basis and acting as more of an agency for their clients.

We have in-house recruitment teams and more complex recruitment systems, allowing a bigger reach to potential staff. Some of our clients have advised us they have ads out for a month with no applicants. Nirvana has been successfully placing staff in the schools within 48 hours.

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